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The services offered fully cover the real estate picture and include an entire range of professional help such as estate management, legal and financial services as well as comprehensive aftersales care.

Aftersales Services


We will help you with the purchase of furniture, white goods and air conditioning:

*Provide the assistant of a professional interior designer who will offer you different options and styles to furnish your home.

*A variety of furniture packages, from the very economical ones up to the most exclusive and luxury options.

*A wide choice of white goods, from the conventional ones up to the high quality items.

*Offer professional advice on the purchase of different types of air conditioning systems.


We offer a complimentry delivery and installation service on all of the above into your new home. 



*Our aftersales service will help you to install the local services such as TV satellite, telephone, internet connexions, etc.… anything that is involved in making the move into your new home as stress and hassle free as possible.


Legal and Financial Services

Our team of professionals have more than 25 years experience all over the Costa Blanca region, assisting clients with all paperwork relating to the purchase of property in Spain, whether it is for a holiday home or indeed as a main residence. Our aim is to ensure that the process for the client is simple, straighforward and stress-free, offering a trustworthy and efficient service. We want to make sure that the clients feel comfortable and relaxed with their new property in Spain:



  1. RESEARCH ON THE DWELLLING: a thorough search on all documents related to the dwelling, paying particular attention to the legal building permissions, debts or encumbrances on the dwelling,  ensuring that all Laws and urbanistic rules are complied with.


  1. N.I.E. (NÚMERO IDENTIFICACION EXTRANJEROS): for selling or buying a property in Spain, the solicitor´s office will help all customers to be obtain this tax number which is essential for the purchase of a property.


  1. FINANCIAL SERVICES: such as opening bank accounts for clients as well as helping them find the right mortgage for the purchase of the property.


  1. WATER AND ELECTRICITY CONTRACTS: Before moving into the new house, both walter and electricity contracts and connections will be made.


  1. COMPLETION: The Solicitor will prepare for the formal signing of the Title Deeds at the Spanish Notary, by organising any necessary bank transfers and providing an official translator in the client´s native language to ensure total transparency of the whole process.




  1. ONCE CLIENT OWNS THE SPANISH PROPERTY: The Solicitor will provide a full range of services ensuring that property will be registered at the Spanish Land Registry Office, and all taxes related to the purchase are duly paid. Once the property has been registered all documents relating to the purchase will be passed to the client.


  1. HOUSE INSURANCE and other types of different insurances: Clients will receive a full comprehensive house insurance, and a 24 hour contact number which will assist clients in their native language.


  1. WILLS: The Solicitor will offer the essential advice on this sensitive subject to ensure that the clients understand their own individual situation .


  1. NON-RESIDENT & RESIDENTS TAX: living as a non-resident in Spain involves a tax to be paid every year for that concept. The Solicitor´s office will ensure that each owner is duly registered with the Spanish Tax Authorities and thereafter organise this tax to be paid through your bank account during the Fiscal Year. Also any non-residents who decide to become Spanish residents are also required to complete and tax return which will also be done through the Solicitor´s Office.


  1. RESIDENCY CERTIFICATE: some clients decide to become Residents in Spain, for various reasons such as opening a new business or working in a Spanish company or simply to retire on a full-time basis to Spain. For all these clients, the solicitor´s office offer a full service to provide them the necessary paperwork’s to obtain the residency certificate.



C/ Cielo, 16. Urb. Aguamarina CC Aguamarina, l 9
Orihuela Costa (Alicante)
  • Frontline Aguamarina SL
  • C/ Cielo, 16. Urb. Aguamarina CC Aguamarina, l 9
  • 03189 Orihuela Costa (Alicante)
  • (+34) 965 323 001
  • (+34) 636 244 272

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